New World Fishing Bot – Download Free Cheat for New World

A free fishing BOT for the new MMORPG New World (a game from Amazon). The bot allows you to automate the fishing process and will help you earn gold on fishing. With it, you will be able to automate the process of fishing 24/7 by 99% and catch fish every minute, gain experience and chests from which valuable resources fall out, which you can sell at auction and get gold for it.

New World Fishing Bot

New World Fishing Bot Free Download

The program is very easy to install and use. Even a child can cope. If account security is important to you, then perhaps he has no equal in this matter. The bot for fishing in New World has maximum secrecy from detection, because the bot is not batch and does not change data, it is almost impossible to detect and track it.


F5 Starts/Stops the Bot

F6 Shows/Hides the Detection-Bounds

Windowed on 1920×1080 will not work, also not on a 1920×1080 Screen.
So be sure you’re playing on FULLSCREEN on a 1920x1080p Monitor!

How to use:

  1. Simply install it, run it after installation.
  2. Ingame, hold the Fishing Rod, align the bounds, and hit F5 to begin fishing

Free Download New World Fishing Bot – Download Free Cheat for New World

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to everyone adding this to vanilla MC launcher, Add «-noverify» to JVM Launch arguments for it to work.